Taunton 10th - 11th May 2017

We had a lovely time celebrating Patrick's life and laying flowers on his grave and bench. Myself, Mo, & Luke arrived in Taunton on May 10th just after 1pm, we went to Morrisons to buy the flowers to decorate the handbags and baskets. Once we had done the arrangements we went for a meal at "The Worlds End" Pub, then we drove to "The Blackbird Inn" to see what it was like and had a coffee. After a good nights sleep, we headed off to "Sheppy's Cider Cafe" for Breakfast and then Lesley (Paul's Mum) arrived and we had a coffee and a catch up before heading off to the Crematorium to clean the bench & grave ready for the arrival of the flowers from "Judith Goss Florists"   We decorated the Bench with the handbags and Baskets, and then moved the flowers up to the Grave to lay them out. After giving 3 cheers to Patrick we headed off for Lunch at "The Blackbird Inn" After Lunch we popped back to the Crematorium to take some last minute photographs before heading back to Morrisons to fuel up our cars and head off home. A big thank you to every one that donated this year. Also thank you to Carol for taking a group picture of us, and Brian the Grounds Man for scraping the moss away from under the bench and blowing it all away.
2017-05-10 14.29.56
2017-05-10 14.30.25
2017-05-10 16.42.14
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2017-05-10 16.42.55
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