Taunton 10th - 11th May 2011

What a wonderful two days it was this year. Myself, Ryner and Michelle travelled down to Taunton in my car on the 10th May.I picked Paul Bishop up from the train station and after a quick KFC we drove to the Travelodge to meet Heather Shepherd and her son Steve. Heather went to meet Anne Wilson at the Station later that afternoon to bring her back to the Travelodge too.We all then went to the Hankridge Arms pub next door for a lovely meal together and a few beverages. On May 11th we met up with my Mum and all had Breakfast over in Sainsbury's Cafe.We picked Michelle up from her daughters house and made our way to the Crematorium where we met up with Jane & Terry Tarrant and Denis Huxley.It was strange as it looked like it was going to rain and then suddenly this great big beam of sunshine broke through the clouds and stayed there until we left when it started to spit a bit.We had a nice meal and drinkies at The World's End Pub again before all making our way home. Thank you to you all for coming and everyone for donating towards the flowers too.
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