Taunton 10th - 12th May 2013

What a wonderful turn out it was this year for the 'Tribute Event' With Special Guests Paul & Hilary Miles.May 10th we all met up at The Hankridge Arms pub for a meal and drinks and good old chat.Then at 10am on May 11th we met with a few fans over at Sainsbury's Cafe before heading to Crematorium.We met a good few more fans there and had a good catch up and tidy up whilst waiting for the flowers to arrive at Midday.What a fabulous selection Judith Goss Florists supplied us with again this year.After the pictures and three cheers and a round of applause in honour of Patrick Fyffe, we headed off to get the evening tribute set up at The Hankridge Arms. We had a lovely sit down meal with everyone that had booked and then we made our way up to the Court room to start the evenings tributes.I had made a DVD for us to watch and then we had some glorious singing with Paul Bishop, Sue Lavender, Mo Coulson, Anne Wilson and Rushelle Bishop......and I had a screech too (well it was the Cat Duet after all).Hilary Miles offered to have a talk with us about her best friend, Patrick Fyffe, and I can definitely say it was an honour to have her talk to us about him as it was nice to hear how brave he was in his last few months with them. Then Paul Bishop dedicated the song that Patrick last sang to Hilary & Paul....What a tear jerker it was too.
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