Taunton 11th May 2018

16 years since Patrick Fyffe (Dame Hilda Bracket) passed away.On the 9th May i printed out all of the photographs and laminated them ready to clip to the LED pegs that i bought to put around the top of the Bench. Then on the 10th i made up all of the Handbags and shoes and 3 wicker pots with lots of lovely flowers.Myself, Maureen and Luke all arrived safely, had breakfast at Sheppy’s Cider and headed of to Taunton Deane Crematorium and cleaned the bench and waited for florist to arrive. Diana Scorer arrived and it was lovely to see her.We then cleaned the grave and placed flowers after ripping up the bushes we planted in 2011 as they were just far too big now.Then we went off for a lovely meal together before heading home.I was the last to get home as every road apart from the A303 had an accident on it, so it took me nearly five hours to do a 3 hour trip.
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