Taunton May 11th 2023

I left Sittingbourne at 6:25am on the 11th May with a boot full of flowers and everything needed to clean the bench and grave, including a Hoe & Dustpan and Brush to remove the moss from under the bench.I got to the Crematorium just after midday & saw Diana & Mo walking to the ‘The Coffee Cabin’. I walked down and stuck my head round the door to say I had arrived and a Woman rushed towards me saying I couldn’t come in with my dog, very unwelcoming. I was holding my dog outside the door and had no intentions of going in anyway.I made a start by cleaning the Bench and scraping away all of the moss from underneath and cable tied the Handbags I had made the day before to the corners of the Bench. Mo & Diana walked up and we took some pictures just before Judith Goss Florists arrived with the lovely displays they did this year.We laid them all out on the Bench for pictures and then took the displays up to Patricks Grave. We give it a good clean and pruned the rose a bit, and cleared a lot of dead leaves. We placed the displays on the clean grave and took a good few pictures.Thank you to everyone that donated to this year’s collection, without you we wouldn’t be able to honour Patrick in this way.We then went for a lovely meal at ‘The Worlds End’ pub before making our way home.
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