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Since 2004 I have been searching for this show along with many other fans. I personally never saw it, but when I heard the 'Dear Ladies' had perfomed it I just had to see it.
Finally in July 2018 I got in touch with Sue after seeing her clips on YouTube and she kindly sent me the original VHS copy of this recording.
When it arrived I set up the Video Player and started on hours of work 'de-shaking' and trying to make the video better quality.
After many days of running it through the program stages I was finally happy with how it had cleaned up. I left it in 4:3 ratio as 16:9 (Widescreen) made all the actors look wider and shorter.
I tried to zoom in, if only to remove the blue line down the right hand side of the video which was caused by the de-shaking software, but it just made it all pixely and horrible so I left it.

I designed the artwork using a flyer from the "Marlowe Theatre" production and began the long task of making up the DVDs.

I hope you enjoy this 2 DVD set as much as I do and once again a big thank you to Sue & her late father Chubby Oates.

Paul Dunford (August 20128)

  Back in February 2018 I set about the enormous task of editing and posting my father's archives to YouTube on my Channel 'Vaudeville Funtimes'.

I knew I had some extremely rare footage within this collection, with many hugely talented entertainers performing including of course, the unforgettable Hinge & Bracket.
To my utter dismay the original stage video of "The Importance Of Being Earnest" was not of the quality I would have wished for. I cannot tell you what a wonderful surprise I had when Paul Dunford contacted me and asked if he could attempt to improve my copy.
Of course I jumped at the opportunity.
It has been an absolute pleasure working with Paul and his DVD box set with its new improved film quality is something I never thought I would see.
A few of us out there are working very hard to keep these memories alive.... Paul has helped me to honour my father's wishes and make his archives publicly available to be enjoyed for many generations to come.

It has been a privilege to have been involved in this production. I cannot thank you enough Paul for making this all possible.

Sue x