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Now Available

Send £10.40p (UK) £12.40p (Worldwide) using the following link

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Since 2004 I have been searching for this show along with many other fans. I personally never saw it, but when I heard the 'Dear Ladies' had perfomed it I just had to see it.
Finally in July 2018 I got in touch with Sue after seeing her clips on YouTube and she kindly sent me the original VHS copy of this recording.
When it arrived I set up the Video Player and started on hours of work 'de-shaking' and trying to make the video better quality.
I designed the artwork using a flyer from the "Marlowe Theatre" production.
I hope you enjoy this 2 DVD set as much as I do and once again a big thank you to Sue & her late father Chubby Oates.

Paul Dunford (August 20128)


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 £25 cheque from Maxine Heath

Please donate towards the monthly cost of keeping this website online.
It costs £5.99 a month to keep it online and any donations to help pay towards this monthly cost are greatly appreciated.
I do occasionally get money from Google for the ads on the website and on the YouTube channel but that is very rare that any money comes in, and is only when the minimum balance reaches £60. So any amount of donation to this pool will be greatly appreciated and each month the £5.99 will be withdrawn to my PayPal account ready for the website payment to go out.
Thank you to the loyal fans who have helped over the years.
Best Wishes

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By Paul Dunford 18th November 2018

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Please view the Adverts page to help keep this website online

Your help by clicking on the adverts on the link below will ensure this website is kept online.
Just follow the directions and each click will earn money for my Google Adsense account which will go towards paying for the hosting of this website

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Thank you in advance
Paul Dunford


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Taunton gathering 2018

View the get together at Taunton on May 11th 2018

Myself, Mo & Luke met Diana at the crematorium where we cleaned the bench and grave and decorated with handbags and shoes filled with flowers.
Judith Goss supplied the floral displays again this year.
Thank you to all of you that donated.


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New CD Available To Order Now

Thanks to Cherri Graebe for transcribing the "Missing Monologues" from poor quality "Handbag Recordings" and David Rumelle for getting "In Character" again as Dame Hilda Bracket, we now have a CD of goodies that hasn't seen the light of day, and many of us would have never heard them at all. This is yet another job 'Well Done' by David and of course, Cherri.

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MP3 Downloads

You can now purchase & download all of the CDs available on the CD page.

Simply buy using the Buy It Now Button and a link to download them will be sent to you by return email. The link will be available for 12 hours maximum.

*Emails with the link are not instant so please allow me up to 12 hours to send it.
I work nights so sleep between 6:30am and 2pm, so I will reply with links as soon as possible

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