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I have set this Pool up to collect donations towards the monthly cost of keeping online.
It costs £5.99 a month to keep it online and any donations to help pay towards this monthly cost are greatly appreciated.
I do occasionally get money from Google for the ads on the website and on the YouTube channel but that is very rare that any money comes in, and is only when the minimum balance reaches £60. So any amount of donation to this pool will be greatly appreciated and each month the £5.99 will be withdrawn to my PayPal account ready for the website payment to go out.
Thank you to the loyal fans who have helped over the years.
Best wishes Paul Dunford

The 14th trip to Taunton Deane Crematorium on 11th May 2017.
(Fifteen Years Since Patrick Died)


to Patrick Fyffe's Cancer Research Page

In Memory of Mr Patrick Fyffe

(Dame Hilda Bracket) 1942 - 2002

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Ruth Smith (10th February 2015)

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